Travelling Light

Free   June 15, 2016   Comments Off on Travelling Light

I attend conferences and seminars throughout the year to keep me abreast of the latest developments in the cybersphere. It is a pretty exciting place to be since something new is always happening. You struggle to keep up. It doesn’t just get into your head by osmosis. You have to put yourself out there if you want to garner the information of the moment. You also have some to impart as well. Those of us in software have a dual role. Attending stuff is the best way to stay in touch for the most part. You can’t get what you want to know by searching online. You get some information, but you miss out a lot as well. For example, I am going to a Lunix event and need to travel light. I hate toting a myriad of things I won’t need. I already know what is essential.

Packing is easy for someone like me. I can count what I have to take on the fingers of one hand. It all starts with a super cool backpack of the kind people at the conference will notice and admire. I pride myself on a certain kind of image as a denizen of the digital realm. I spent some time finding just the right one. No schoolboy number for me. Nothing old fashioned or unhip to be sure. It had to have a high-tech look with comparable fabric and lots of silver hardware. It had to have the right sized compartments for my laptop or tablet, depending which one I planned to take. Sometimes it is both. Then it had to have pockets for the cell phone, my keys, and some other personal items. I take a comb, an extra change of clothing, and a couple of health bars. I don’t want my stomach growling during an important meeting session.

All this stuff fits tidily in the backpack. It squishes together to become very compact and easy to carry. I almost forget about it when it is on my back. I say this because there have been times when it has been forgotten. I set it down under my chair, pull out what I need, and zip it shut. I panicked at one conference after I had left the building without my trusty tote. I wasn’t about to let that happen again. Can you imagine leaving your laptop for just anyone to come by and snatch away?

That’s the problem with cool backpacks. I assume that everyone wants it. Why give them an easy opportunity. I felt like such a fool. Now I guard the thing with my life. It is a one-of-a-kind backpack that is not easily replaceable. I have to keep my eyes glued on it.

When you are greeting people at conferences and making mental notes, it is easy to become distracted. One of the mental notes should be to remember to pick up the backpack when I leave. I was lucky I found it in the “lost and found” with all contents intact.