The One Time I Try to Cook

Free   July 8, 2016   Comments Off on The One Time I Try to Cook

I want to learn to cook. Maybe I have too much time on my hands and have had my fill of the cybersphere. I suppose it happens to the best of us sooner or later. We want to try new things, so why not something that nourishes us at the very same time. How practical can you get! I can think of worse enterprises. Cooking is a hobby for many and I don’t know if I will go that far with it, but I am willing to try my hand at it. I may surprise myself and get into it with gusto and glee. You certainly get plenty of inspiration from TV. They make it look simple—and pretty yummy. You don’t have to have a gourmet kitchen, just the basic accoutrements and appliances. I am limited in this department, so I am taking stock of what I need. In that my kitchen faucet is broken, this will have to be repaired by the landlord (or replaced) before I can get started. Imagine! The one time I try to cook, I have to wait for new gear. He asked me what kind of faucet I want. I was impressed that I even have a choice. What landlord doesn’t balk at any extra added expense? I am pretty lucky. Maybe he shared my cooking ambitions and was impressed with my desire to enter this sacred realm.

Having looked at a few, I want a flexible pull down kitchen faucet in shiny chrome to match my stove and refrigerator. I want a water filter system—any gourmet cook has one. Apart from this, I won’t be fussy. Just give me something that doesn’t break down in the middle of my meal preparations like the old one did. They make them better than they used to as far as I have been told. I trust Moen. The new models are super modern and sleek. The neck/spout is elegant and the handles are small and efficient. I wonder if I have the faintest chance of getting one. It does add to the value of the apartment. The kitchen isn’t that updated, and this could be the beginning of some real progress. Surely future tenants will appreciate it a lot. It makes perfect sense to invest now and keep people like me happy. If he comes through, I am going to make a cake or some cookies and bestow them upon him as a thank you present. What is that silly phrase you hear in commercials? Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven. Ha! I am sure this is true in general. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “lovin’” but the goodies are meant to be taken in a similar spirit. I guess I am lucky to have a good landlord and I will be content with whatever he agrees to install. If he takes my cooking hobby seriously, he may get into helping me make it more fun and easy.