The Man Behind the Mask

Free   July 4, 2016   Comments Off on The Man Behind the Mask

I never thought I would see the day when I would try using a sewing machine. I never thought I would ever be discussing such a machine or writing sewing machine reviews on my blog. How does a sewing machine enter your life unless you are my mother or little sister? It looks like some weird contraption what with this spindle at the top, a wheel, and a pedal foot at the bottom. I haven’t the faintest clue. I needed to repair a Tux costume for an event to promote Linux use and thought it was a small enough task that I didn’t need to take it to an expensive tailor. You just walk in the door and it costs $20. I knew that from experience when I ripped the seat of my pants. I was shocked what it costs to get professional repair. It was no different at the cleaners. I guess they needed to subsidize the cost of the expensive sewing machines they had on premises. They cost a bundle.

When I decided to make the repair, it never occurred to me that I would practically have to take a course to operate this plastic monstrosity. The person who loaned it to me thought I would love it because it was computerized and was designed to sync with your laptop. Was that supposed to intrigue me? You could then chose from hundreds of stitches. The capacity of this thing was enormous. Way beyond what was needed for the Tux. I thought it best to use only the basic mode of operation and ask for some help. The basic stitches would do. I would only have to decide how wide apart they needed to be and if I wanted to go forward and/or backward. I thought I should at least try out some of the fancy stuff, but the job didn’t merit this kind of elaboration. A sewing machine in my hands could be a dangerous weapon. I could jab my fingers and create excruciating pain. Those little needles only looked harmless. I imagined what they could do.

It was a Singer machine. I am told this is a venerable company and I should be lucky to have it on hand. Given how complex the situation was getting, I was tempted to make the Tux repair by hand. That entailed threading a needle and tying a knot. I think I could master that. But no, after making a brouhaha to my friends, I had to show my newfound prowess. I got the machine up and running with the help of the instructions and even managed to make a bobbin. Don’t ask me how I figured that out and especially how I was able to slide it into place under the main sewing needle. Sewing takes a good eye and some real skill. It should be a good challenge for me. But frankly I don’t need a new challenge. Life puts many in my way each and every day.