Dictation Keeps You Productive Even in the Bathroom

Free   July 9, 2019   Comments Off on Dictation Keeps You Productive Even in the Bathroom

Have you ever wanted a different height toilet? Yes, it is a real question. They do comes in sizes to fit different needs. What if you are short and petite or super tall? You don’t want your legs to hang or scrape the ground. We want to be comfortable on the john, as we might be there a while. No kidding.

Some people tell me they work in the bathroom to save time. They obviously have rather busy lives. Nevertheless, I bet it is a pretty common practice. I am interested in human behavior, on and off the computer. Thinking about it, you can certainly take your laptop with you anywhere you go and combine the basic activities of life.

Speaking of human behavior, what drives someone to be creative a such an inopportune time. Ideas can come at will so you want to record them as they happen. Use your handy dandy electronic device of choice, the more portable the better. I have my own choice as I will divulge shortly. Once you have the right toilet height and waterproof equipment, you are ready to roll, so to speak.

Today’s blog may seem a bit absurd, but it is one dimension of the digital life, the chief concern of this blog. By the way, it is called Fulinux in reference to Free Use Lunix, a multi-tasking operating system for Commodore 64 and 128 home computers. Guess what I have? One of them, of course. They provide me with internet access and sufficient file storage for a lifetime.

I have always been into computers. To prove it, I went to coding school where I learned Lunix. It is useful for most any task. You can download and tweak it as you wish. Take my word for it, you will never be limited by a proprietary operating system, plus I love open source software. I associate my computer with creativity since it is the receptacle of all my ideas.

You never know when creativity might strike. Why let a trip to the bathroom spoil your idea flow thanks to improvements in dictation software and comfortable toilets? Modern technology has answered even the most unlikely needs of mankind. Toilets now use softer materials on the seats and come in a range of heights. Long ago, you had maybe one choice. Now you can sit pretty and get to work with your amazing software.

You can work hands free, pertinent to your location and purpose. Voice dictation is a marvelous invention and a blessing to multi-taskers. Ha! The software is inexpensive and easy to install, so you can use it in the “stall.” Another big ha! It is all about speech recognition to convert your words to text. As proponents say avidly, “you can get more done by voice.”