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Ask a Digital Repairman

I confess. I am a computer nerd with a fond attachment to open source software. I have written some innovative apps as well. Give me a project and I run… Read more »

This is Teambuilding?

We were told one morning that there would be a company retreat. It would be the first of its kind. Our boss had been reading motivational books and a retreat… Read more »

Why Use Open Source Software?

Here’s an obvious reason: software is expensive. Seriously. Say you want a photo editing program. I’m not talking filters on instragram, I’m talking a REAL editing program. Like Photoshop. Now,… Read more »

Not Wasting My Saturday

Sometimes I dread going home to visit my family. I get along with everyone. It’s not that. There are no feuds or spats that mar our relationship. It seems that… Read more »

Best BBQ Ever

You don’t have to live in Texas, or even Oklahoma for that matter, to like great BBQ. It is a universal passion most anywhere come summer. No matter they treat… Read more »

Travelling Light

I attend conferences and seminars throughout the year to keep me abreast of the latest developments in the cybersphere. It is a pretty exciting place to be since something new… Read more »