Ask a Digital Repairman

Free   July 8, 2017   Comments Off on Ask a Digital Repairman

I confess. I am a computer nerd with a fond attachment to open source software. I have written some innovative apps as well. Give me a project and I run with it. One came to me just the other day. It happened in my own private realm, but I am sure others can relate. My vacuum stopped working, out of stubborn meanness or fatigue, I don’t know. It never acted up like this before and I paid a pretty penny for it not long ago. It has not served its designated time. I hate lugging appliances to a repair shop. It is unwieldy, time consuming, and expensive. It is worse if the repairman comes to your house. If he works on digital units, it might even be prohibitive.

I had to solve the problem myself. If I knew what was wrong with it, I would make the best, most economic choice to fix it. I wasn’t experienced enough myself. I am learning fast that as life goes on and your car or motorcycle, AC, appliances, and plumbing go on the fritz, you need to become knowledgeable and independent. I envy those who have that special knack. I remember in the old days, my grandfather could fix TVs, radios, cars, musical instruments, and just about anything electrical. Times have changed in our digital electronic world. We are not so handy anymore unless you are refurbishing old items.

I am bent on making a program that diagnoses appliance problems, such as those of a broken vacuum, the same way you can ask Dr. Google about illnesses. I love that you can use the search engines to find out what ails you. If you type in your symptoms, you will get a list of problems that correlate. It is a great aid to self-diagnosis, although you might jump to the wrong conclusions. It would work the same way for appliance breakdown. You would enter “vacuum lost suction,” “vacuum hose broken,” “vacuum bad connection,” or “vacuum retains dust.” I imagine that just entering “broken vacuum” would be enough. You would be routed to my software where you could get details on what is likely happening. Or perhaps you would answer a series of questions on Twitter. As you click “yes” to various questions, the diagnosis would become more accurate. When finished with the preliminaries, you promptly get an answer from a host of expert material on the subject. If your unit is digital and has an LED display, no problem. I will program the software to include every make and model on earth, including the most recent and complicated. That might seem a lot, but it is not as vast as you might think. Many models have been discontinued and I can add new ones as I wish.

I love using the Internet to solve problems. It is fast and accurate in most cases. I live in a digital world and I am going to relish it. My vacuum broke down and now I am inspired to program some new software that can help most people.