An Open Source Project I’m Working On

Free   June 7, 2016   Comments Off on An Open Source Project I’m Working On

I have to use office productivity software to keep track of stuff at work. It is one of my least favorite parts of the job, honestly, but because there are a few projects going on simultaneously, I do understand why it is necessary. I have found that for me personally, I end up creating a lot of forms to be autofilled and basically creating truckloads of formatting rules and formulas for spreadsheets. I guess I like things a certain way and it makes my life easier. My templates have been perfected over time and I have to say that not many of the adaptations I’ve made have been intuitive. I had to look a lot of it up online and other things I really had to trial-and-error. Lots of errors. It’s been frustrating.

But then I realized that instead of fighting office software to do what I wanted it to do, I could take office software and design it to do what I wanted it to. So I went looking for some quality open source productivity software (I’m not going to tell you what I used—yet) and have been working on getting everything just right. Honestly, I’m sure that I am putting more energy and effort into getting the code right than I probably ever did with the office template designing, but for me, the experience is totally different. Instead of banging my head against a wall because I don’t know how to get a program I didn’t write to do something that I’m not even sure it actually can do, I am banging my head into a wall because of bugs or my terrible memory of some of my college coding classes. However, it is a fun kind of frustrating instead of an “I am going to throw this laptop under a bus” kind of frustrating.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m weird like that. Realize that I didn’t make that a question for a reason. I don’t actually want your answer.

I guess it’s that I don’t like limits forced on me. I understand what I am, and am not, capable of as far as programming goes. But those are MY limitations, and I take extra courses, or watch tutorials, or do whatever I can think of to push myself through those limits and improve myself. Proprietary software limitations, on the other hand, are basically end-of-the-road kinds of things. You can kill yourself looking for workarounds, like what I was doing, or you can just tweak something that’s already out there. That’s the route I’m taking now and I’m really glad that I am.

Maybe when I’ve got it up and running, I’ll put it up on the site. But don’t hold me to that because since I’m not getting paid for it, my attention span is only going to hold out for so long. And it is entirely possible that some of the stuff I’m looking for it to do can’t actually be accomplished either with my coding skills such as they are, or possibly just in general. Oh well. Until then, wish me happy coding!